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Nurse Helping a Patient

Basic First Aid Classes


Preparation towards anything could mean the difference between success and failure. We want you to succeed so we are here to prepare you. Check out our real world relevant basic First Aid course. This class could be a game changer in an emergency.

We are In H.I.S. Hands, which stands for Health Industry Services.  We offer health and safety courses for professions such as, (but not limited to) Nurses, Dental, EMT, Paramedics, Firefighters, Doctors, Teachers, Daycare Workers, Babysitters, Nannies, Personal Trainers, and more. 


We believe that EVERYONE should learn CPR and basic first Aid training. These are lifesaving skills that can truly help someone in a given emergency. Here at In HIS Hands we want to partner with you to teach you the WHY behind how to save a life. You are a reflection of us and we want to ready all of our customers, skilled professionals or not to feel confident that they can make the right decisions in an emergency situation and then act accordingly. Our vision is to start locally and ultimately have an impact globally so that people can contribute in a positive way when an emergency occurs.

It is our passion that we partner with you. All of our instructors are seasoned front line workers, and have a specialty in their areas of instruction.

We are serious about CPR

Are you prepared?!

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